What To Consider While Buying A Green dinosaur onesie?

Onesies are now not just something which just babies wear anymore. Once adults realized just how much fun and comfortable they are, the all-in-one wear has become almost like a craze. Many people sleep in one as well as they are nothing less than cozy sleeping bags. You can also make gifts out of them. These are available in a lot of sizes and shapes like green dinosaur onesie, shark onesie and even more. But if you don’t have tonnes of experience buying onesies then these are something you should keep in mind while buying one. It will help you out, especially when it comes to buying the more eclectic ones like the green dino onesie.

dinosaur onesie for adults

What kind of green Dinosaur onesie are available?

There are various designs of green Dinosaur onesies like:

  • Footed vs footless: Choosing whether you want to get a footless or footed onesie is one of the first decisions, you should make when it comes to shopping for a dino onesie. This is because some people might have cold feet so footed onesies will help in keeping them warm. But on the flip side, if you tend to get warm, then a non-footed one will be more favorable for your needs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with footless ones you will be able to wear a slipper and go anywhere whole a footed one will not make that possible. If you do try to go out, then the bottom is bound to get wet and dirty easily. The footed one might be more favorable for little kids though.

  • Hood vs No hood: Green Dinosaur Onesies come with a hood and also without. Having a hood looks cool and it certainly completes the dino look with the face, teeth, eyes, and scales. There maybe ears too, if you want that. If you get one with a hood then there are really no drawbacks as you can simply choose to wear the hood or leave it down. But onesies are majorly designed for your indoor use. They also don’t really offer any advantage when it comes to shielding you from rain or sun so keeping or not keeping the hood is a design preference for sure.
  • Back flap vs not having one: It’s becoming very rare, but some green dino onesies do come with back flaps as it allows you to use the restroom easily. Wearing onesies, especially like the green dino ones without back flaps can be troublesome, especially if you are wearing one to a party. But overall, if you don’t mind undressing fully to use the restroom then you can go for either style.
  • Zippers vs Snaps: This comes down to aesthetic as well. Remember that zippers are comparatively easier to break and if they do then they are that much harder to replace. Snaps don’t have any such issues, but they can come undone way easier than zippers would. Overall, it’s a tough choice if you are thinking of functionality. But if you purchase a quality green dino onesie which fits you comfortably then you can buy either without any issue.

dinosaur onesie for female

Green Dino onesies are really fun and cozy to wear so whatever design or style you get, you are guaranteed to look silly while having a blast!