Details of Mandalorian and How to Cosplay Mandalorian Soldier

Most of us know about Mandalorians from The Disney+ show. They have a rich history which is full of conflict and violence. The planet Mandalore is full of proud and skilled warriors who have fought in various wars.

History of the planet

Mandalorian Story Star Wars

Mandalore is a planet that has been fully ravaged up by a continuous war. It has a society that is fully divided into Clans and Houses. They have engaged in the battle for power for centuries. It is a planet of warmongering people who looked to fight even outside of the limits of Mandalore. Their warriors are so fierce that they even took on the Jedi in some of their ancient conflicts. But centuries of war transformed Mandalore’s surface into one which was barren and deserted.

The Mandalorian

Mandalorian boba fett

The Disney+ series is set a full five-years after the Empire falls. It tells the story of a bounty hunter who accepts a big bounty and finds himself serving a client who wants the job details to be kept private. But he is told that if he completes the mission of getting a 50-year-old child then he will crate full of Beskar which is a very rare metal that is used to make impenetrable Mandalorian armor. He does go on to find the child who saved him getting killed off. Then begins his journey of rescuing the child, protecting the child, and ensuring that it remains safe. They go on various journeys together and while The Mandalorian thinks about leaving the children behind in a supposed safe place, he ultimately realizes that he has to keep the child with him because that is the only way it will ever be completely safe. The themes of fatherhood come out in this show.

How to cosplay the Mandalorian armor?

Mandalorian Toys

The Mandalorian armor has gone through a lot of changes in the history of the Star Wars universe. But when someone talks about cosplaying The Mandalorian then it’s going to be the armor from the Disney+ show. Here’s how you can get that look:

  • Helmet: The helmet hides the identity of the Mandalorian and it’s also one of the most recognizable things. You can make the helmet by getting a cylindrical shape made out of cardboard before adjusting it according to your head size. Also, don’t forget to put in the T-shaped vizer as well as other designs on the helmet.
  • Bodysuit: You will need a full brown bodysuit first. This is will be the base on which the armor will be put. If you don’t find a thick, brown bodysuit then you can use a brown T-shirt and brown skinny jeans as well.
  • Armor: First up is the chest armor. You can make this out of cardboard cutouts or plastic cutouts easily. Just look at a picture of the suit online and then cut out accordingly. You can get the thigh armor as well as the gauntlets in the same way. Later on, attach a belt to these so that you can tie it around. As for the shoulder pads, you can get them by using motorcycle pads. All you have to do is smooth it out. Also, make sure that you color the armor with a shiny grey metallic.
  • Cape: He has a brown cape that you can easily fashion out of a blanket and attach it to your brown bodysuit.
  • Gloves and boots: The gloves and boots are standard brown ones so you shouldn’t have any problems trying to find them.
  • Belts: Mandalorian has two kinds of belts running through. One is around his waist and the other is over his shoulders. You will need thick deep brown leather pieces to make the belts. Then you can look at the design from any picture available online to accurately make the designs. For that, you can use plastic and cardboard pieces.

Overall, this Mandalorian costume is really difficult and time consuming to make. This is because there are so many pieces to it that require detailed attention. Which is why you can forego this hassle and simply buy it from an online cosplay site. Chances are that it will cost you less than it will take for you to make it too.