Mistakes You’re Probably Doing While Applying Mink Lashes

Recently, the demand for false eyelashes has grown rapidly. With the upcoming trends in the fashion world, women are going crazy over these false extensions. Several trends have ruled this industry and became out of trend, but eyelashes and eyeliners are here to stay. The purpose of these artificial extensions is to enhance the look of your eyes, making them look voluminous and attractive. Ultimately, this boosts your self-confidence.

Of the various types of extensions available, mink lashes are the best. They are versatile, fun, and most preferred by artists and professionals. These lashes suit any of your styles, no matter you are wearing casual or party wear, making your eyes a crowd-pleaser. What’s best about them is their lightweight quality which gives them a natural look. They blend well with your natural eyelashes. These eyelashes are easy to be applied and removed. However, there are a few common mistakes that people make, without even realising it. Below given are some of the mistakes which you probably make:

Mink Lashes

  • Not curling your natural eyelashes

Generally, mink lashes have a natural curl. So it’s advisable to curl your natural lashes a bit so that they can blend in seamlessly. If you curl your natural eyelashes before attaching the extensions, it will not only allow the extensions to mix with your natural lashes beautifully but also provides a stable layer for your falsies.

  • Not trimming the extensions

Mink lashes are available in a variety of sizes. When you buy, they come in a particular length, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stick them as they are. Most people apply for the extensions as they are, without adjusting their size. If you notice the corner of your lashes coming up, it’s because the strip is larger than your eye size. If you continue to wear eyelashes bugger than your eye size, it might cause discomfort. Also, it wouldn’t give you a natural look to your eyes. However, be careful while you cut them. Don’t cut them so short that you have to purchase another set again.

mink lashes using tips

  • Not using the right amount of adhesive 

Don’t use coloured adhesives to remove the eyelashes. Purchase an effective eyelash glue from a reputed brand. For sticking your mink extensions, use white adhesives. When they dry they become transparent. Whereas coloured adhesives can be seen from a distance.

Now determining, how much adhesive has to be applied is important. Don’t put enough or else your lashes would pop off. Apply the right amount. For that, take a dot of adhesive on a pointed Q tip and apply a thin line using it along the lash strip. Also, apply properly on the corners. After applying the glue, wait for thirty seconds and then attach the pair of mink lashes. When it comes to removing them, use castor oil. It loosens the adhesive, thus allowing you to carefully and easily remove it off.

eye makeup for beginners

  • Placing the extensions too far from your lashline

If you are a beginner, you must have faced this problem. If you don’t place your lashes right in place, you will not only feel uncomfortable, but also your mink extensions would be visible from a distance. To make sure you place them close to your lash line, place your mink extensions on top of your natural eyelashes and then using your fingers or an applicator press them right on top of your lashline. If you still can’t make up, apply a dot of adhesive on your lash line first and then try to attach the pair of extensions after a few seconds.

  • Not blending your mink extensions using mascara 

Even though mink lashes are thin and dense and have natural curls, it’s advisable to mix them with your natural eyelashes using a mascara. Otherwise, they might stand out more, making both of them distinguishable. Hence apply a layer of mascara over them quickly and you are all ready to go!

Be careful while removing these extensions. Never use oil or any kind of chemical product. It would damage your natural eyelashes. If you don’t have castor oil, you can take olive oil or simply dip a cotton pad in water and rub along your lashline. It would cause the adhesive to loosen and your extensions would come off easily. Once you have removed them, soak them in alcohol for about 5 minutes and clean them afterward.